Fire Extinguisher

We service all makes and manufactures of ABC, BC and K fire extinguishers.  We provide an annual  schedule for your fire extinguisher service, saving you the worry when they are due.  The training we provide meets the requirement for employers to provide training to anyone who may need to use a fire extinguisher.  The training is complementary to anyone interested in fire extinguisher use.

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We can perform the 6 year internal visual test as well as the 12 year hydro static test.  The 6 year internal visual is performed by blowing down the content sof the fire extinguisher, visually checking the internal fire extinguisher cylinder for defects.  WE then replace the valve and gaskets as needed.  The fire extinguisher is then fitted with a collar ring and re filled with the appropriate chemical.

The 12 year hydro static test starts out the same as the 6 year, but the fire extinguisher cylinder is pressured up to 4 times the cylinders working pressure.  For instance, if the working pressure listed on the side of the fire extinguisher is 195 psi, we would pressure up the cylinder to 585 psi.

The chemical used in ABC fire extinguishers is basically potash.  It is non cancer causing, found naturally in the environment.  The dry pot ash is propelled by nitrogen, a dry inert gas.  The ABC fire extinguisher works by removing oxygen from the fire.

K fire extinguishers are the chrome cylinders found in commercial kitchens.  These fire extinguishers are used on grease fire.  The K fire extinguisher contains a soap compound and is pushed out in a gentle spray.  The K chemical  fire extinguisher works by separating the oil from the oxygen, which puts out the fire.